YEAR: 2017. VOLUME: 0.75l

Pošip is made of the renowned white grapes of Pošip, growing successfully in the area of Car in the island of Korčula. The light summer breezes cool down the vineyards keeping the air temperature moderate and providing just the ideal conditions of the cultivation of white grapes. The wine is produced in the cellar of Miljenko Grgić in Trstenik on the Pelješac peninsula under his supervision. Grgić is a famous wine maker in California of Croatia origins, and he is one of the best producers of white wine Chardonnay in the world. The fermentation has been done slowly at the controlled low temperature of 12 °C. Cool fermentation protects most of the particular aromas of the Pošip variety and it maintains them intact up to the moment you taste it. After the fermentation the wine has been mature for about 4 – 6 months in special French oak barrels for white wine. Through the pores of the wood a small aromas of air penetrate into the oak barrels helping the wine to breath and to develop. At the same time the extracts and the pleasant vanilla aromas from the oak enrich the wine. The final maturation takes place in 0,75L bottles in a cold cellar in about six months. During that time the variety aromas of Pošip an the aromas and the flavors of oak marry in a bouquet that is typical of wines produced according to the methods of Miljenko Grgić. The wine has an alkohol content between 13 – 14,5 Vol.% and a pleasant content of acid of about 6 g per liter.

How to consume

It is recommended to drink chilled at a temperature between 10-12 °C

It is best savored with fish

Enjoy it and do not forget to make a toast with your friends and say Cheers