Taste the tradition of Croatian wines

The grapes for our excellent wines are used only from the best vineyards from the region Peljesac and Korcula. We take great care about all components of our wines that they are grown Ecological, so as to ensure the top quality of our wines.

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Plavac mali - vina Grgić

The grapes of this wine have been selected from the best wineyards in the well-known locations of Dingac and Postup on the Pelješac peninsula.

14 - 15,5% alcohol

5 do 5,5g acid per litre

Plavac mali-vina Grgić

Plavac mali

The fermentation of the grapes has been done with naturals yeast but at a controlled temperature which help to keep much of the wine's variety character and fruitness. After the fermentation the wine has been aging for 15 months in special oak barrels imported from France. The wine received a pleasant oak aroma from the barrels.

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Plavac mali - vina Grgić

Pošip is made of the renowned white grapes of Pošip, growing successfully in the area of Car in the island of Korčula.

13 - 14,5% alcohol

pleasant content of 6g acid per litre

Pošip Grgić


The fermentation has been done slowly at the controlled low temperature of 12 °C. Cool fermentation protects most of the particular aromas of the Pošip variety and it maintains them intact up to the moment you taste it. After the fermentation the wine has been mature for about 4 - 6 months in special French oak barrels for white wine. Through the pores of the wood a small aromas of air penetrate into the oak barrels helping the wine to breath and to develop.

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An inductee to the Vintner
Hall of Fame

Miljenko Grgić

Miljenko Grgić

“There is no sure-proof scientific formula for making great wines. Over the years I have learned to communicate with the wines and how to nurture them. I realized that you don’t make wine only with your head and your senses. You make wine with your heart. You have to pour your heart and your love into the wine. ”

News from our winery

A tradition that lasts for over 40 years

Grgić Vina was established in 1996 by legendary Napa Valley winemaker, Croatian-born Miljenko “Mike” Grgich, his daughter, Violet Grgić and his nephew Ivo Jeramaz. Dedicated to the art of winemaking, Mike started the winery to produce the finest wines from native Dalmatian grapes.

The winery is located in Trstenik on the Peljesac peninsula, with a stunning view over the Mediterranean Sea, north of the historic walls of the port of Dubrovnik, in the Southern wine region of Croatia.

Although Miljenko has received countless gold medals and the highest possible accolades for his California-made-wines, those dearest and most meaningful to him are the ones he received for his POŠIP and PLAVAC MALI in Croatia.

All wines made in at Grgić Vina in Trstenik have been judged to be ''VRHUNSKA VINA'' (top premium wines), and his 1996 Plavac mali has twice been recognized as the BEST red Croatian wine on the market.

Visit us at our wine cellar in Trstenik on the peninsula Peljesac in Croatia.

The winery is open every day from 09h - 19h.

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